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Comask-Your Existence

Comask Indústria e Comércio Ltda is a company which it´s vision is the recognition of its brand aimed at Sustainability.

One of the focuses is the contribution to the reduction of the environmental impact in the constant search to reduce the consumption of natural resources, using Environmental Management practices, creating solutions and processes, optimizing resources and efficient and less environmentally harmful solutions.

We created our Vision and Values Mission where:


Dress people with the best jeans!


Be recognized as a reference in service and product excellence by our customers, employees, suppliers and the community!


Act fully and transparently with our partners, customers and employees in compliance with social and environment tax regulatory standards in a sustainable manner!

Our product is the result of a harmonious sum between high technology and artisanal treatments in our processes and with a production capacity of 150 thousand pieces per month.

Comask maintains its prominent position in the sector, constantly striving for professional ethics in its business, with an emphasis on Social Responsibility and Environment, Sustainability and Quality Management

Environmental certificates

Total quality.

To guarantee the best product, we work with Total Quality Management in all sectors of the company, where quality inspection is carried out at all stages (from raw materials and trims), through tests within each operation and recording in reports.

Trimming Management All suppliers are approved by our customers, meeting the quality and responsibility requirements.

Product Quality Management We also follow the customer’s quality manual specifically, for better results.

Style and Innovation

The Comask product development team is always in tune with the new trends in the world market, including seeking new techniques, creating new models, exclusive washes and special finishes. This makes it a great differentiator in our company.

Comask has a specialized technical team to provide all the necessary support in the creation and development of collections.

Our numbers since 1975

50000 +
Monthly products
100 +
Produced pieces

Certified Products

Comask offers quality and guarantee with the best environmental and production certifications.

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